We’re excited to bring our latest update to you - the ability to easily schedule pulse irrigation events, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your irrigation management.

Screenshot of scheduled pulse irrigation events on the Semios platform

Example of scheduled pulse irrigation events on the Semios platform

What's New

The Semios Irrigation Scheduler is an efficient scheduling tool designed to make quick work of scheduling for large and small operations alike.

Watch our demo video below for a quick overview of how easy it is to schedule pulse irrigation events:


Key Benefits

  • Efficient Setup: Quickly schedule pulse irrigation with just a few clicks.
  • Customizable Controls:
    • Choose on/off durations and the number of cycles.
    • Set repeating schedules daily or weekly as needed.
    • Preview a summary of your irrigation cycles and timings before confirmation.
  • Minimize Duplication of Work with Zone Filtering: Irrigation events can be scheduled zone by zone, or for many zones at once.
  • Integration with Nelson TWIG® and WiseConn DropControl: Send your planned irrigation schedule for automatic execution in the field with the push of a button.

Screenshot of the Semios Irrigation Scheduler page when planning a pulse irrigation event

Easily set up and customize your pulse irrigation event.


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