Fresno, CA - Semios is pleased to add NOW Eco to its Integrated Pest Management (IPM) platform for the 2019 growing season. Certified for organic production by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, NOW Eco is the first organic pheromone-based aerosol for the mating disruption control of navel orangeworm NOW Eco and is approved for commercial use in California.

Navel orangeworm (NOW) is one of the most damaging pests to California almond, pistachio, walnut, and fig crops with growing population pressure in recent years. Reducing damage from NOW requires an integrated pest management (IPM) approach that consists of orchard sanitation, biological control, harvest timing, and more recently, mating disruption. Mating disruption involves dispensing a formulation of the pest’s pheromone in the orchard to disrupt mating patterns leading to reduced damage.

“With increasing consumer demand for sustainably produced food, and the challenging market conditions growers face, it was critical for us to provide an organic mating disruption solution for maximum pest control with minimal environmental impact while still offering growers significant labor savings to deploy”, said Semios founder and CEO, Dr. Michael Gilbert.

The Semios Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system is built on its proprietary variable rate mating disruption solution. The variable rate approach is designed to automatically target pheromone release during peak pest activity for maximum efficacy while sustaining prolonged coverage for late-season generations of NOW.

Semios’ wireless network of in-canopy sensors provides growers and PCAs the most accurate method of tracking pest development in their orchard by reporting their in-canopy climatic conditions every 10 minutes. These sensors are coupled with networked camera traps that enable daily pest count summaries delivered automatically to the grower through Semios web and mobile applications.

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About Semios

Semios offers a precision farming platform that provides real-time crop data and pest management tools for tree fruit and nut growers. Leveraging a proprietary, in-orchard internet of things (IoT) wireless network, machine learning, and big data analytics, Semios helps growers manage insect pests, disease, frost, and irrigation. The Semios analytics engine draws on multiple sources of data and information including a robust, wireless network of in-canopy IoT sensors on every customer farm measuring climate, soil moisture, and insect and disease activity.

For more information or an interview with Semios CEO, Dr. Michael Gilbert, please contact Laura Ehman: lehman@semios.com or 604-229-2044. 

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