Water has been a trending topic at Semios over the past few years. It seems every season Mother Nature throws a curveball and more and more growers are looking to take the guesswork out of important irrigation decisions.


The Next Level Up

Many growers have already made strategic investments in technology to improve and automate their irrigation systems.

The next level up? Ensuring these systems can seamlessly integrate with a farm’s existing tech stack to provide maximum value for their dollar and their crop over the long run.

We’ve been conducting interviews over the past three years to identify key control systems that our growers want to see integrated with their Semios Water Management Tools and have launched several integrations already.

When it comes to Washington State, Nelson Irrigation’s TWIG® control system was the top request.


Who is Nelson Irrigation?

With over 40 years in the industry, Nelson Irrigation is a world leader in manufacturing automated irrigation control equipment for agricultural and industrial applications. Their customers rely on them for their superior service and dedication to building products that keep working season after season.

That’s why we’re excited to partner with Nelson Irrigation for a beta version of SemiosConnect™ for Nelson TWIG® which will be available to a small group of testers in Spring 2023.

Nelson TWIG device installed in the field

Benefits of Automated Irrigation Control with SemiosConnect™ for Nelson TWIG®

This SemiosConnect™ integration makes it easier than ever to manage irrigation systems efficiently by linking Nelson TWIG®’s remote pump and valve automation control system to Semios Water Management Tools.

Growers can now plan, monitor, schedule, and evaluate irrigation programs from one place to get the best results from limited water resources.

In this beta, growers will be able to remotely set irrigation schedules, and accurately track irrigation execution through irrigation activity summaries.

SemiosConnect™ for Nelson TWIG® will allow growers to:

  • Turn TWIG® valves on or off remotely
  • Create and send irrigation schedules via Semios to TWIG
  • View pump and valve status (on/off)
  • View irrigation line pressure (PSI on/off)
  • Flow meter monitoring and totalization
  • Semios issue detection (for network, devices, and sensors)
  • Provide management reports

Nelson TWIG product photo

Nelson Irrigation TWIG-V Wireless Automation System


Customers who have Semios Water Management Tools can leverage their subscription to:

  • View infiltration maps and water content charts to monitor soil moisture sensors at various depths
  • Verify irrigation activity based on Semios pressure sensors
  • Easily apply Semios irrigation predictions based on soil moisture and weather data into their irrigation planning tool.

Soil moisture graph on the Semios platform

Track your soil's available water content on the Semios platform

Growers can make the most of their automated irrigation control system by bolstering their management decisions with Semios on-farm data and sending those schedules straight to their TWIG® system.

The two companies are excited about this new development and its potential impact on our mutual customers’ labor, costs, and water savings.

This beta is currently open to a small group of testers in Washington State starting in Spring 2023. 

Interested in learning more? Send an email to info@semios.com.


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